Pope Francis Is All About The #Selfie

Pope Francis Is All About The #Selfie

On Sunday, Pope Francis delighted the crowd at St. Peter's Square when he hopped off his popemobile to take a few selfies with those gathered following a packed Palm Sunday service:

pope francis selfie

According to the AP, a crowd of some 100,000 people had gathered to attend the Palm Sunday Mass, which marks the beginning of Holy Week. The pope reportedly ignored his prepared homily during the service, instead delivering an "entirely off-the-cuff" sermon. This, the AP says, was a "remarkable departure from practice."

Known for his unconventional ways, Pope Francis is no stranger to the world of selfies.

Last August, for example, the head of the Catholic Church broke the Internet after taking this epic selfie with a group of believers inside St. Peter's Basilica:

pope francis selfie

Then earlier this year, he posed for yet another awesome shot.


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