Pope Francis Reacts Divinely To Little Girl Snatching His Skullcap

Hallowed be his response!

Blessed be this adorable little girl who tried to swipe Pope Francis’ skullcap.

Estella, 3, was being held up to meet the pontiff at the Vatican on Wednesday morning when she cheekily swiped the white cap straight from his head.

“We thought it was hilarious!” said Catholic blogger Mountain Butorac, who posted the footage of his goddaughter online.

“Unexpected for sure,” he told The Huffington Post via email. “But to see everyone laugh, including the pope, was amazing!”

Butorac said he took Estella’s family to the pope’s weekly audience while they were visiting him in Rome, Italy.

With the video going viral, he said he loved the fact “that people are getting a chance to see a clip from the Holy Father in a fun situation.”

“The news is all so toxic lately,” he added. “It’s nice to have something light and fun!”

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