'Pope Of Late-Night' Stephen Colbert Apologizes On The Church's Behalf

"I would like to apologize...for the abomination that is macaroni salad."

Pope Francis has been known to drop some serious bombshells during on-flight interviews, and he did just that on Sunday by declaring that the Catholic Church should apologize for years of discrimination against gay people.

Proclaiming himself the "pope of late-night," Stephen Colbert took the opportunity to make some other dire apologies on the pontiff's behalf during Monday night's episode of "The Late Show."

"The Holy See would like to express regret for the church's obsession with gold leaf, ok?" said Pope Colbert, referring to the expensive ornamentation that fills many cathedrals. "It's a bit ostentatious. Truly that money could have been used to feed orphans or cloth the poor, etcetera."

The Catholic comedian has openly discussed his devout faith but frequently uses humor to poke fun at Pope Francis and critique of the church.

At the end of his hilarious list of wrongs the church should right, Colbert apologizes on behalf of the church for the Crusades, the Inquisition and for not taking sides in World War II. Whoops.

Check out the clip above.



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