Pope's Twitter Account Revealed As @Pope2YouVatican, Spreads Themes From Lenten Message

Faithful followers left confused about where to follow Pope Benedict XVI's Lenten messages on Twitter might be relieved to hear His Holiness finally has his "own" account: @Pope2YouVatican.

The account isn't managed by the Pontiff himself, but the Pontifical Council for Social Communications (PCSC) is using the Twitter handle in the Pope's name to spread themes from the 2012 Lenten message, speeches and documents.

Still, the Pope's Twitter handle is garnering some attention from critics who've called the choice of name a bit strange.

"@Pope2YouVatican? The Pope can't get a straight-up Twitter handle? The Pope?!" Jon Stewart exclaimed on "The Daily Show." "That is weak, Twitter. That is Tweak."

Similarly, Gizmodo suggests a simpler name, such as "ImThePope" or "PopeBendedict16," would've been the way to go.

"But no—he's Pope2YouVatican, a name so convoluted that it sounds more like a robot spam account than the channel for Benedict's Papal dictations," the site wrote.

But the name was not completely random, seeing as a website and Facebook application by the same name were launched by the Vatican in 2009.

In addition, the account has been in use since before Ash Wednesday of this year, featuring messages and photos that date back into last year.

Nevertheless, for 40 days, the "Pope" will be sharing messages in various languages, including English, Spanish and German, through the Twitter account.

The Pope has been further experimenting with technology and social media since he sent his first tweet in June 2011. In December, His Holiness lit the world's biggest Christmas tree with an Android-powered Sony tablet computer.

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