Pope's Speech Unites Citizens and Celebrities in D.C.


Pope Francis' historic address in Congress brought thousands of people from all over the world clamoring for a chance to see him and hear what he had to say to the American people.

His speech at the Nation's Capital also brought up an issue passionate to him - climate change. In support of his speech, there was a rally at the National Mall entitled Moral Action on Climate Change, near where the Papal would be giving his speech.

People from all different walks of life came to support the cause, including religious leaders, celebrities, musicians, and everyday citizens. Artists such as Sean Paul, Victoria Justice, and Natasha Bedingfield performed their own original song entitled "Love Song to the Earth." Also included were Moby, Eric Paslay, and Chevy Chase.

The Pope's speech was broadcast on Jumbotrons as he spoke to Congress, bringing people shoulder to shoulder to watch, giving way to much applause throughout.

It was the hope of organizers to spur enthusiasm to rally for a common cause to reduce energy usage, as well as encourage politicians and major corporations to put policies in place that would work toward creating a more environmentally friendly world for all.