Armed Group Rushes Popeye's After Discovering Chicken Sandwich Is Sold Out

America's frenzy over the Popeye's chicken sandwich apparently still hasn't come to an end.

The chicken sandwich saga reached a new level of madness Monday evening when an armed group of people rushed a Popeye’s restaurant in southeast Houston.

Employees told an ABC13 reporter on the scene that a group including two women and three men rushed the door of the store after they were told in the drive-thru that the chicken sandwiches were sold out. They reportedly left a baby in their vehicle.

Staff told local reporters they were able to lock the group out of the restaurant. No injuries were reported, and police are working on a description of the suspects, ABC13 reported.

Houston Police confirmed to HuffPost that they received a call just before 9 p.m. regarding five or six people in a vehicle. They said one man pulled a gun on employees after Popeye’s ran out of the chicken sandwich, and that employees ran to the back of the restaurant.

The now-notorious Popeye’s chicken sandwich was at the center of a chaotic, chicken-filled whirlwind across the nation last month after the product went viral due to a Twitter war between the chain and competitor Chick-fil-A.

It was a menu item that no doubt ruined many a Popeye’s employee’s day as staff were reportedly forced to work hours of overtime to meet the massive demand. The chain announced they had sold out nationwide last Tuesday ― just over two weeks after launching the item.

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