Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich Rips 'Game Show' President

"It's got to do with the way one individual conducts himself, and it's embarrassing."

It’s no secret that San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich isn’t a fan of Donald Trump. But on Sunday, when a reporter asked if the world outside basketball was “distracting” him, Popovich concurred, saying Trump was a “game show” president who was creating an apocalyptic “pall” over the nation.

“Usually things happen in the world and you go to work, you know, and you got your family and you got your friends and you do what you do. But to this day I just feel like there’s a cloud, a pall, over the whole country in a paranoid, surreal sort of way,” said Popovich. “It’s got nothing to do with the Democrats losing the election. It’s got to do with the way one individual conducts himself. And that’s embarrassing.”

This was not the first time Popovich had slammed Trump. 

“I’m still sick to my stomach,” Popovich said after Trump’s win in November. “Not basically because the Republicans won or anything, but the disgusting tenor and tone and all the comments that have been xenophobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic, and I live in that country where half the country ignored all that to elect someone. That’s the scariest part of the whole thing to me.”

Popovich, 68, is not your average basketball coach. After graduating from the Air Force Academy in 1970 with a degree in Soviet studies, he worked as an intelligence officer in Eastern Europe for five years.