Popsicle Stick Crafts That Will Have You Channeling Your Inner Preschooler (PHOTOS)

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When you think of popsicle stick crafts, chances are that visions of white paste and dried macaroni come to mind, too. But the truth is, you can use these hobby store basics to make some pretty cool projects. While some may be simple to pull off or even great to try with the kids, we've also come across some pretty over-the-top popsicle stick masterpieces.

And now that summertime is here, you'll probably run into these guys a lot more often. (Thanks, Good Humor Man!) So grab as many as you can and consider tackling one of these six projects from our list.

Next, a pretty nifty chandelier by Bored and Crafty. This vaguely reminds us of another fixture we worked on before...
popsicle stick
Credit: Bored and Crafty

And then there's the vase which, frankly, looks pretty wild. Swing through The Cheese Thief's tutorial to see the fascinating process that makes these stiff sticks bend.
popsicle stick
Credit: The Cheese Thief

If you find yourself low on patriotic gear for this 4th of July, an American flag magnet craft by a pumpkin & a princess may come in handy -- and this one's easy enough for all ages.
popsicle stick
Credit: a pumpkin & a princess

Channel your inner preschooler, and make these cute hexagonal shape baskets. Paint them in bright colors or keep them au naturel.
popsicle stick crafts
Credit: Ikatbag

Our last project is for those of you who didn't manage to save all that many sticks. Though it looks simple enough, this gift tag craft by A Little Hut actually adds a pretty cool touch. But that's just our opinion.
popsicle stick
Credit: A Little Hut

If you're looking for other fun craft ideas, click through our slideshow below.

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