Lucky Couple Won The Lottery Just When They Needed It Most

A Quick Trip To The Grocery Store Changed This Couple's Lives Forever

It was just an average trip to the grocery store, but it ended up changing one couple's lives.

Tom Stevens, 70, was diagnosed with lung cancer in January, according to Yahoo. He often eats popsicles to soothe his throat, so, on Feb. 11, his wife, Elizabeth, headed to their local grocery store in Brooklyn, Ohio, to buy some.

When she got home, Elizabeth used that penny to scratch off her tickets and discovered she'd won $100,000.

The couple was stunned.

Their good fortune came at just the right time. They have been struggling to pay for parking at the hospital where Tom gets treated, let alone all of the mounting medical bills from his health problems, WKYC reports.

"A $100,000! I just started crying. You don't believe it until you hear it," Elizabeth told the outlet.

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