20 Baby Names Headed For Major Popularity

20 Baby Names Headed For Major Popularity

Identifying which baby names are becoming popular can be done in a number of ways.

To pull together the list of "hot" names below, Nameberry crunched numbers to assign specific names Hotness Quotients. They looked at dozens of names that have appeared on the Social Security's top 1,000 most popular list since 2001. They identified names that have been riding up, and calculated how many places each individual name has moved up on average per year. So, the name "Violet" was given an HQ of 50, because it's moved up an average of 50 spots on the list each year since 2001.

Here, the ten hottest girls’ and ten hottest boys’ choices, with their individual Hotness Quotients:


Violet, 50

jennifer garner ben affleckJennifer Garner and Ben Affleck named one of their daughters Violet.

Although Violet got up off the chaise where she’d been swooning in the late 1990s, it wasn’t until she was chosen by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck for their daughter in 2005 that the name really motored for the top, now at Number 69. Although Violet’s HQ of 50 would catapult her into the Top 20 next year, we don’t think her rise will continue to be quite that dramatic, at least not unless another high-profile celebrity couple chooses the name.

Stella, 44Stella’s trajectory mimics Violet’s, taking off after a decades-long slumber in the late 1990s and rising straight toward the top. Sassy Stella, which means “star,” has been chosen for their daughters by several celebrity couples and is also in the Top 100 in Germany and Sweden. Right behind Violet at Number 70, we can imagine Stella joining sister names Ella and Isabella in the Top 20 in a handful of years.

sweet adelineActress Irene Dunne as the title character in the movie "Sweet Adeline"

Sweet Adeline has moved up more than 500 points since 2001, now standing at Number 232. At its current trajectory, we’d expect it to be in the Top 100 in 2017 and the Top 10 by 2020. Will it really get there? Sister name Adelaide’s trajectory is steeper but it entered the Top 1000 more recently, but we do see these two similar names near the top of the list within the next decade –- much as Emma and Emily have dominated over the past several years – with mutual short form Addie becoming as common as Ellie and Emmy are now.

Lila, 40Lila is one of those names whose popularity and hotness are confusing. As one of a group of very similar names -– Layla and Leila and Laila –- all with high HQs of their own, it can seem as if you hear it everywhere. But at the same time, Lila with this spelling stands only at Number 155, so it’s far from being a Top 10 name. Not for long, though. With an HQ of 40, Lila is due to enter the Top 100 within two years and may reach the Top 10 within four ... though Layla, now at Number 30, stands to get there first.

claire danes julietShakespeare's heroine is the most famous Juliet.

Although Juliet has been on the US Top 1000 nearly every year since 1880, it only started seriously taking off toward the top a decade ago. Now this diminutive of the ancient Roman name Julia, made most famous by Shakespeare, is at Number 238 and likely to enter the Top 50 in a handful of years.

Beatrice, 33Beatrice hit is lowest mark ever in 2001, when it nearly disappeared from the Top 1000 completely, only to turn around and begin heading back toward the top. A Top 100 name from the 1890s till the 1930s, Beatrice still has a projected 15 years to go before it achieves that rank again from its current standing at Number 593.

Elsa, 32

frozen disneyElsa from "Frozen."

Although Elsa’s current fame seems propelled entirely by her starring role in the movie "Frozen," she actually began her ascent in 1999, turning upward after hitting the very bottom of the Top 1000 list and now standing at Number 528. Elsa’s HQ of 32 suggests it will take her more than a decade to make the Top 100 but we predict her trajectory will pick up steam and she’ll make it in half that time. Elsa is a multicultural hit, standing at Number 61 in Spain and at Number 3 in Sweden.

Cora, 28Cora is one of those surprising names that has always been on the Top 1000, ranking in the Top 100 until just about a century ago, when it began a long downward slide. It didn’t start heading back up again until the 1990s; and now stands at Number 127. At its current rate, Cora should break into the Top 100 again in the 2014 statistics and could rank among the Top 25 names before 2020.

Aurora, 24Aurora is another name most people would be surprised to learn has always ranked among the Top 1000, but it’s at its highest peak by far right now, standing at Number 145 with the Top 100 in sight within the next two years. Aurora’s classical origins –- she was the Roman goddess of the dawn – and romantic feel combine to fuel its current popularity.

Ivy, 21

beyonce vmas 2014Beyonce and Jay-Z named named their daughter Blue Ivy.

Even before Beyonce and Jay-Z chose Ivy as their daughter’s middle name in 2012, this old-fashioned botanical name had begun its upward climb. Now at its all-time zenith at Number 152, Ivy could break into the Top 100 for the first time ever within three years.


Finn, 46

Finn is the leader of a crew of Irish boys’ names that have risen from obscurity to take the US by storm in the past decade. The name of the greatest hero of Irish mythology, Finn McCool, the name entered the US Top 1000 for the first time in the year 2000 and has now risen to Number 250. With an HQ near 50, Finn is projected to stand within the Top 50 names in the next five years. Finn ranks among the Top 100 names not only in its native Ireland but in Scotland, the Netherlands, and Germany, where it stands at an astonishing Number 5.

Emmett, 44

Emmett owes its popularity to Top 10 sister names Emma and Emily as well as to its featured role in "Twilight." A well-used name at the end of the 19th century, it began a long downward slide before reversing course in the late 1990s, now standing at Number 173. Both Emma and Emily were Number 1 names and there’s no reason why Emmett can’t join them at the top within the next handful of years.

Silas, 37

hunter parrishHunter Parrish played Silas on "Weeds."

The New Testament Silas got style boosts from The Da Vinci Code and from television’s "Weeds," rising since the 1990s to reach Number 116 today. And the name continues to be hot, in line to reach the top of the list within the next three years.

Hudson, 36Hudson, as in the river, has the same New York vibe as cousin name Brooklyn but is subtler and cooler. It’s jumped nearly 500 places in the past 12 years and is in line to reach the Top 10 within two or three years.

Asher, 35Dashing Biblical Asher languished nearly unused for most of the 20th century, only to start its meteoric rise in the late 1990s. Today, Asher sits just outside the Top 100. This is one name we predict will make it to the very top of the list; it’s on target to crack the Top 10 in the 2016 standings.

Sawyer, 31

josh holloway lostJosh Holloway played Sawyer on Lost.

Two-syllable names that end in either R or N are wildly fashionable for boys. Occupational name Sawyer first cracked the Top 1000 in the early 1990s and today lies a few points outside the Top 100. We can see Sawyer joining Asher near the top of the list by 2016.

August, 29August is interestingly one of those surprising names that has been in the Top 1000 every single year since the list began in 1880; it was in the Top 100 until 1892. Then it began a century-long slide, not reversing course until the 1980s. Now at Number 316 –- not too unusual, but not too popular –- August has more time to go with its HQ of 29 until it gets toward the top of the list. We’ll put it in the Top 100 in around 2020.

Declan, 28You can think of Declan as Finn’s younger, weirder brother, nearly unheard of in the US until 1998 when it hit the Top 1000. Fifteen years later, it’s ready to break the Top 100. Will it ever climb to the Top 10? Unusual Irish names have a way of taking the US by storm: Look at the once-unusual Aidan, Ryan, and Sean.

Jasper, 28

jackson rathboneJackson Rathbone played Jasper in "The Twilight Saga."

Jasper is distinctive as the only widely-used jewel name for boys; it’s always been on the US Top 1000. Now it’s climbed to Number 248 and at its current pace could take a decade to reach to Top 10. Still, we don’t think it’s heading to the top of the list but will rather remain as a fashionable classic.

Ezra, 25Ezra is definitely one of the stars of the new wave of biblical boys’ names, joining Asher and Silas –- along with Levi and Moses and Abel and Jude –- in taking over the spots once held by older guard biblical boys’ names from Aaron to Zachary. After nearly vanishing in the 1960s, Ezra now stands at Number 143 and seems poised to keep climbing till it reaches the upper reaches of the popularity list, which should happen in the next handful of years.

Other baby names with high HQs include Eleanor, Clara, Eliza and Phoebe for girls; Abel, Roman, and Felix for boys.

Which names do you see as hot and heading for the top?

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