A Popular Joker Theory Just Got More Convincing

No joke.

If you think Jared Leto is playing the original Joker in the new "Suicide Squad" movie, the joke might be on you.

After the first images of Leto as Joker and the "Batman v Superman" trailers hit the web, fans started speculating that Leto's version of the character might actually be a former Robin. (Dorkly and CinemaBlend pointed out that Robin has taken on Joker's identity in stories before.)

Now, with the release of "Batman v Superman" and casting news for the upcoming "Justice League" movies, the argument that Joker is actually a former Robin gets more and more convincing.

Imgur user  recently put the evidence together:

From Leto's tattoo, which many believe is a robin ...

... to how he's mirroring the defaced Robin outfit by both holding a pole-like item ...

(L) Jared Leto on "Suicide Squad" poster. (R) Scene from "Batman v Superman."
(L) Jared Leto on "Suicide Squad" poster. (R) Scene from "Batman v Superman."

... and seemingly having the same bullet-hole marks ...

... the examples of a possible connection keep piling up.

Now there's even more evidence. New "Justice League" casting info has Willem Dafoe taking on a role. Though he's supposedly playing a "good guy," the role is still a mystery. This has some thinking he could step into the spot of the original Joker. The fact that he'd look killer as Joker just fuels the rumor:

Adding support that Leto's version of Joker is a former Robin, there's a line in "Batman v Superman" where Batman asks, "How many good guys are left? How many stay that way?" This line is also played in the trailer over the scene where Batman looks at the Robin suit.

"Batman v Superman" actress Christina Wren is into the idea that Robin turned bad. While talking with The Huffington Post about the theory, Wren said, "Yeah, that could certainly be a possibility, and it would be an interesting conversation about something that is raised in ['Batman v Superman'], which is, 'What turns good men bad? What changes us?'"

Could Leto's character be a former Robin? Or is this all just one big joke?

"Suicide Squad" hits theaters August 5, 2016.



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