The Most Loved States, According to Instagram

America, the beautiful indeed.

Let's face it, it was only a matter time before our good 'ole U S of A was ranked by its #instafame power.

The folks at Pixable did the painstaking work of looking up the hashtag count of all 50 states to see which ones get the most #instalove -- and, damn America, you beautiful.

Of course, states with bigger populations probably boosted the numbers -- save gorgeous Hawaii, four of the top five are among the country's most populated states -- but after scrolling through the top ten hashtags ourselves, we've confirmed that, yes, these states are worthy of a double tap.

Behold, the top 10 most #INSTAFAMOUS states:

Georgia, The Peach State
Washington, The Evergreen State
Oregon, The Beaver State
Arizona, The Grand Canyon State
Colorado, The Centennial State
Texas, The Lone Star State

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Hawaii, The Aloha State
Florida, The Sunshine State
California, The Golden State
New York, The Empire State

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Want to see where your state made it on the list? View the full ranking at Pixable.

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