O.B. Tampon Brand Missing From NYC Stores

Where Have All The o.b. Tampons Gone?

Many menstruating New York City women have been left in a lurch without their trusty o.b tampons.

Since the fall, drugstores have had trouble stocking the nonapplicator tampon forcing women to look elsewhere. According to the New York Daily News, the short supply has increased demand to an unparalleled high: "eBay users are bidding up to $76 for three packs, which usually sell for just $8.79 a pack."

The o.b tampon is one of the only tampons available in the United States that doesn't have an applicator. It is, as a result, small and discreet as well as more environmentally friendly.

But when will the beloved 'plug' be back on store shelves?

The official word from the o.b website is that "we are working with retailers across the country to restock store shelves as soon as possible. " Johnson & Jonson spokeswoman Yukela Williams assured the Daily News that o.b should be back on the market soon.

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