eBay's Popup Holiday Store Will Open In New York City November 20

eBay will open a temporary "holiday store" in New York City on November 20, according to WWD.

WWD says that shoppers at the popup store "will have access to the entire eBay marketplace via Internet kiosks, handheld tablets and the eBay mobile phone application." eBay has not posted a press release about the shop and it is unclear how services at the physical retail location would differ from those offered online.

The online auctioneer/marketplace will set up shop at 3 West 57th street in a building once occupied by Phillips Auctioneers.

News of the temporary store was published on the same day that eBay launched its holiday advertising campaign. According to the Wall Street Journal The company aims to "boost its standing as a holiday shopping destination" with print, tv and online ad spots using the tagline "Come to think of it, eBay."

All Things D's Kara Swisher writes that the spots serve to remind consumers exactly how much they have forgotten about eBay and wonders if the motto is a good or bad idea.