Porcha Gross Allegedly Hides Crack Cookie In Her Vagina

And that's how the cookie crumbles.

A sheriff's deputy in Okaloosa County, Fla. pulled over the Evergreen, Ala. resident for allegedly faulty tag lights on March 9. The deputy says he spotted a marijuana blunt on the floor and took Gross into custody.

Female jail employees conducted a cavity search and say they discovered pieces of a crack cocaine "cookie" hidden in Gross's genitals.

A "cookie" is crack cocaine that has been formed into a round disc, typically around 3 inches across, according to the National Drug Intelligence Center. A "cookie" can usually sell for between $900 and $1,000.

Gross is facing multiple drug charges and her court date is April 9.

She isn't the first lady to allegedly use her body's nooks and crannies for illicit purposes.

Earlier this month, police say Florida resident Alexis Clancy was caught with a needle in her anus. Additionally, one of her companions at the time was allegedly hiding cocaine in his prosthetic leg, while another person with him allegedly had morphine and hydromorphone pill stuffed in her bra.

In January, Kentucky woman Jessica Webster was arrested for allegedly burglarizing a home, and when she got to jail, guards asked if she had any contraband. She said no, they claimed to find hypodermic needles in her vagina. They say the woman then stated she needed them because she was a heroin addict.



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