Porcupine Acts Like A Puppy (VIDEO)

WATCH: Porcupine Acts Like A Puppy!

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center has an interesting occupant -- a porcupine who thinks it's a puppy!

"Stinkers" -- formerly "Snickers", but renamed to suit his pungent odor -- is a 5 year-old porcupine that was someone's pet before finding a much more suitable home at the center. We at HuffPost Green in no way condone keeping wild animals as pets, and honestly, judging by the large gloves handlers have to use to pet Stinkers, we can't understand why anyone would want a porcupine as a pet!

Stinkers is certainly like no other porcupine though. This video shows him romping around in circles and jumping on his human caretaker in a desperate puppy-like plea for attention, even dropping onto his back for belly rubs.


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