Porcupine Quills Removed From Injured Crow (VIDEO)

Amazing Rescue Has A Happy Ending

Literature has been immensely successful at painting ravens and crows in an ominous light, but the amazing video above might just change your disposition towards the birds.

YouTube user iluvdodge9 recently published a video depicting a woman removing porcupine quills from an injured crow or raven. According to the description, the bird had been perched up on the family fence in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was crowing for an hour before the residents walked over to investigate.

They discovered the bird covered in porcupine quills. The video shows a woman carefully removing the quills. Astonishingly enough the bird doesn't flee after the woman's first attempt, permitting her to remove all of them. The bird even allows the rescuer to briefly brush its feathers. According to the user, the bird hung around the fence for the rest of the day.

The video identifies the bird as both a crow and a raven. The two breeds while visibly similar are by no means the same. The video below provides a helpful guide for differentiating between the two.

While this video clearly had a happy ending, if faced by a similar situation, consider contacting wildlife professionals to ensure both your own and the animal's safety.

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