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Pork Chop Potato Chips from Thailand

My first thought was, "Um, gross," but after a few days the idea grew on me.
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Despite my best intentions to avoid junk food, I still occasionally find something so interesting that I just have to give it a try. This happens most often in foreign countries, where foods are unfamiliar to me and I really want to gain the experience of trying something new.

When I was in Thailand recently, learning as much as I could about Thai food, my friends Josh and Kim had a bag of pork chop-flavored Lay's potato chips. My first thought was, "Um, gross," but after a few days the idea grew on me. My husband and I walked down to 7-11 (because there's one on every corner in Bangkok) and bought a bag.

We opened the bag and smelled the chips. Guess what? They smelled like pork chops. It was weird, but we gave them a try.

They look tasty enough...

For some reason I expected them to be brown, or red. Alas, they just looked like regular old potato chips.

The verdict: Hey, these are actually pretty good!

Overall, they tasted a lot like pork chops. Eerily so. They were good, though I only ate a few before I gave up in the interest of not overloading my already dehydrated system with superfluous sodium.

Here's a scan of the bag, in case you're curious, and a few more photos of interesting Thai snacks. ขอให้เจริญอาหาร!

The back of the bag, for those of you who read Thai.

Some other fun snacks from Thailand:

Lobster flavored Lays Stacks. I'm not sure how I feel about seafood flavored chips.

Mediterranean flavored. Made with real mediterraneans?

Grilled shrimp Pringles. Didn't try them, but curiosity was picqued.

Chipsletten? Not sure what that means, but paprika-flavored chips sound pretty good.