Man Cooks Pork Roast In His Car During Australian Heat Wave

Stu Pengelly used an old Datsun for an oven, saying, "It worked!"

Well done, mate.

A man in Perth, Australia, harnessed a heat wave to cook a pork roast in his car in about 10 hours.

Stu Pengelly simply placed the 3.3-pound (1.5-kilogram) roast in a baking tin on the car seat and let the blazing sun prepare his main dish. He reported on Facebook Dec. 14 that the temperature in his old Datsun reached 177.8 F (81 C) at one point, even though the car had tinted windows and a rust hole in the roof.

He showed off his succulent finished product in a video complete with carving and taste test, as seen above. “It worked!” he said.

The mercury reached 102 F (39 C) on the day of the cooking stunt, according to Pengelly. The Western Australian city has already broken its December mark for three consecutive days reaching or exceeding 104 F (40 C), The Washington Post reported.

Pengelly said he wanted to use the stunt as a warning for drivers not to leave any people or pets in the car.

Pengelly told Reuters he might try cooking roast beef next time.

“A quiche would cook in 2 hours, I reckon,” he said.