Global Bacon Shortage: 7 Items To Get You Through Porkocalypse

Porkocalypse: 7 Bacon Items For Your Doomsday Bunker

The bacon doomsday clock is now officially ticking as we count down to Porkocalypse, next year's worldwide bacon shortage predicted this week by the U.K.'s National Pig Association.

The horror! The anguish! We're pulling our hair out just at the thought of bacon-less frying pans the globe over. Which makes us think -- if need be, we may have to start stocking our cellar with bacon products to carry us through the bleak bacon-free days ahead.

Don't worry, we've saved you the trouble of determining how to stock yours. Peruse our below selection for the finest curation of bacon items to help you survive Porkocalypse.

Tamworth Country Cured Bacon

7 Porky Items For Your Bacon Doomsday Bunker

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