Pornhub Christmas Ad Is Surprisingly Touching

Coming to a tree near you.

Christmas ads are supposed to tug at the heartstrings, but porn websites typically inspire a different kind of tugging.

Pornhub is attempting to connect those rather disparate goals with a new commercial for customized gift cards to its premium subscription service.

The ad shows a family getting together for the holidays with most of the members looking happy. That is, except for Gramps, who sits on the couch looking glum.

But the old man perks up after his grandson gives him the present he really wants: A porn subscription.

“With the holidays upon us, we wanted to provide our community with the opportunity to give the most touching gift of all to their loved ones," Pornhub vice-president Corey Price said in a press release.

The ad's message may rub some the wrong way, but Cass Anderson of sees merits to giving porn for the holidays.

"Nobody wants a fruit cake. Cologne is a personal choice, something a man should buy for himself," he wrote. "Those rollerblades you’re planning on buying off of eBay aren’t nearly as ironic and quirky as you think they are..."

The ad marks Pornhub's latest stunt for publicity.

Back in June, the company attempted to raise $3 million via IndieGoGo in an effort to film the firstever porn film in space. In April, the website offered to "give America wood," by planting one tree for every 100 videos viewed in its "Big Dick" category.

And way back in February, Pornhub claimed it was developing a "Wankband" that would allow people to charge their phones while masturbating.

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