Pornhub's New Christmas Ad Sure Arouses Some Strong Feelings

But not in the groin.

Finally, a Christmas ad that could inspire a lump in the throat and a bump in the trousers.

At least, that’s the goal behind a new Christmas ad for adult website Pornhub.

The ad is set to a slightly revised version of “Silent Night, Lonely Night” with lyrics emphasizing the lonely aspect.

The ad’s characters are all people who are all by themselves on Christmas Eve, including a security guard, a cleaning woman, a student, an elderly man, and a woman who misses her train.

At the moment when all seems lost, the sound of jingle bells is heard and, suddenly, there is hope, or at least a momentary cure to any lingering, uh, loneliness.

The ad is meant to tug the heart while inspiring people to tug other bodyparts, but it may not pack the emotional punch of last year’s Christmas ad.

That ad showed a grumpy old man whose holiday spirit came alive when his grandson gave him a porn subscription.

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