Pornhub Experienced An Unexpected Surge In Visits During YouTube Outage

YouTube isn’t the only place where you can get ASMR videos apparently.

YouTube’s outage on Tuesday may have spelled disaster for people wanting to watch cute videos of cats, but Pornhub certainly wasn’t complaining. 

The site received an unexpected surge in visits during the outage, reaching 21 percent above its daily average at 10 p.m. EST. 

Pornhub’s explanation? 

“When you can’t tube, you fap instead!”

Searches on the site for autonomous sensory meridian response (‘ASMR’) dramatically increased while YouTube was down, soaring 21 percent. Other terms likely to appear on both streaming sites ― including “wwe,” “bowsette,” “fortnite,” “minecraft,” “game,” “pokemon,” “celebrity,” “twitch,” “overwatch” and “halloween” ― saw even more hits. 

As Mashable reported, Pornhub’s traffic dropped once YouTube managed to get up and running again.

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