Porsha Stewart Found Out About Her Divorce On Twitter, Is Still Living With Kordell Stewart (VIDEO)

Porsha Stewart opened up about the collapse of her marriage with Kordell Stewart on "Watch What Happens: Live." Kordell was notably absent during the recent "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion, where Porsha ironically rose to defend her marriage. The reunion was filmed about a week before he filed for divorce.

In retrospect, Porsha said that her reunion speech was "a wife trying her last try." But the most shocking part of her interview was when she admitted that she and Kordell are still living together. That and perhaps the fact that she found out about it via Twitter, even though Kordell was just in the other room at the time.

"When you are married, I feel like you need to put ... 150 percent into your marriage," she said. "No matter what." And Porsha had certainly been trying. She wanted to try counseling, but Kordell refused.

Hollywood Life was shocked by the interview, especially about the fact that Porsha and Kordell still live together. Reality Tea noted that Porsha admitted there is no prenuptial agreement, which would explain why she's still staying in the house. She also said she doesn't blame "Housewives" for the end of her marriage, saying there were obviously problems before that.

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