Sewage Truck Carrying Porta-Potties Rolls Over, Dumps Stinky Mess

The vehicle reportedly swerved to avoid a barrel while driving near Mesa, Arizona.

A road accident in Mesa, Arizona, caused an almighty stink on Saturday afternoon.

A sewage truck that was hauling porta-potties reportedly rolled over on the busy U.S. 60 highway after swerving to avoid a barrel that fell from another vehicle.

Human feces and urine still spilled out onto the road, however, from vents on top of the truck's septic tank. Luckily, no one was injured in the crash.

Arizona Department of Public Safety Sgt. Aaron Buckmister told the outlet it was "the first time" he'd ever had to deal with a poo spill on the road.

"There are three compartments in that tank. One is fresh water, one is deodorizer and the other is waste water," he said. "The waste water came out the top."

The crew that was transporting the porta-potties cleaned up most of the mess.

The DPS said it would now forward the incident to the local fire department, which would determine whether further sanitization would be required.

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