Here's Why This Portable Power Station Is The New Home Essential You Never Knew You Needed

Today’s must-have home appliance is the centerpiece to a more practical, sustainable and energy-independent way of living.

With huge rises in climate disasters, more frequent and long-lasting grid failures and blackouts, and soaring energy prices (with analysts predicting further turbulence in the months ahead), our vulnerability in terms of energy sources has never felt more real.

People in all corners of the globe are seeking greater freedom and energy-independence to power their lives in ways that are more sustainable and reliable — but also flexible. In our modern world, we want to be powered up anytime, anywhere; to move freely at short notice, and change plans on a whim. That’s why EcoFlow’s second-generation portable power station, DELTA 2, looks set to become the new home essential and our most dependable friend for on-the-fly power.


The newly released EcoFlow DELTA 2 is a game-changer in portable power, smashing all competition in the market for its best-in-class recharge speeds (seven times faster than other power stations, taking only 50 minutes to go from 0% to 80%, and 80 minutes to reach full charge), and expandable 1024Wh capacity (to 2048Wh with the DELTA 2 Extra Battery, or 3040Wh with the DELTA Max Extra Battery.) Not to mention its compact, lightweight build — at just 27lbs (12kg), DELTA 2 weighs less than most other power stations out there, taking its convenience factor to the next level.

It’s an asset to every household in so many ways. Here’s what it can do — or be, to you…


Working from home is, of course, the new norm for many of us since the pandemic, but often we’re tethered to power sockets for our laptops and other work devices. With DELTA 2, it’s possible to move on a whim, and change up our office space any time we want. Whether we’re working from the kitchen table, garden or living room, the DELTA 2 makes it possible to set up a workstation from literally anywhere. With its 1800W AC output and X-Boost technology, there’s no issue powering multiple devices or appliances, such as multiple monitors, laptop chargers, printers and more. Plus, it supports WiFi and Bluetooth, and can be set up with wireless routers.



In the event of a power outage, DELTA 2 automatically switches to a battery-powered supply mode, so no more scrambling around for candles and worrying about fridge and freezer food. It’s capable of charging more than 90% of all appliances — including everything from high-wattage fridges and washing machines to laptops and phones — and up to 15 appliances simultaneously. Plus with EcoFlow’s portable solar panels, you can fully charge DELTA 2 with eco-friendly power — in as little as 3–6 hours (with a maximum 500W solar input).


On warmer nights, treat the family to a garden-based movie night using the DELTA 2 to power projectors or big screens. For birthday celebrations, why not set up karaoke machines, outdoor lights and more — and throw a party, literally anywhere you want. The portable power station’s lightweight design makes it easy to carry wherever you need it, whatever the occasion.

Roberto Nickson, Unsplash


Short on space but want to give the kids — or yourself — a dedicated nook for gaming consoles? The DELTA 2 can power multiple devices and gives you the freedom to create a cozy space — even smack bang in the middle of a room — where it’s game time, any time.


Craving an off-grid adventure or RV holiday? The DELTA 2 couldn’t be more perfect for camping trips and weekends in remote places. Take an expandable battery for additional power, or pack up your EcoFlow solar panels along with the DELTA 2 for those longer trips away.


This practical little power companion also boasts a lifespan that’s six times as long as the industry average, thanks to its 3,000 battery cycles (it uses the same premium LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries as leading electric vehicles), and comes with a 5-year-warranty and advanced Battery Management System (BMS) protection. DELTA 2 also connects to EcoFlow’s mobile app for convenient energy management, enabling you to adjust settings and monitor performance remotely.

For more details on how you can create an energy secure future today, and enjoy new levels of practical powering, head to Enter the code EFSD5OFF at checkout for 5% off on all DELTA 2 orders from Sept. 16 to Oct. 14.