Portable & Spillproof Wine Glass on Shark Tank - Goverre

Portable & Spillproof Wine Glass on Shark Tank - Goverre
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The first entrepreneurs into the Shark Tank this week were presenting their business Goverre and were seeking $200k in exchange for 13% of the business. They have developed a portable wine glass made from white soda-lime glass that is twice as thick as a normal wine glass. It also has a drink through lid that prevents spilling, a silicone grip sleeve, and enough volume to hold 17oz of wine or half a bottle.

As for their numbers, they had done $384k in sales so far that year and were on track to do $500k. From those sales they had seen $134k in net profit, but that’s without taking out any salary for themselves. One of their glasses retails for $24 and costs $5.50 to make.

Now, this episode might end up being a bit longer than normal, because it will be the very first Shark Tank Breakdown and Review at the same time! Goverre is the only company that has ever contacted me and sent their product to me before their appearance on Shark Tank! So first, let’s knock out the Breakdown of their presentation and then we will get to the hands-on review!

I thought they did a spectacular job of explaining their product and selling the Sharks on it’s usefulness. It’s definitely an interesting and widely appealing kind of product. The wine industry has been booming and growing more and more due to so many millennials who have taken up drinking wine. I wish I could remember where I read the article, but I just read something recently about how the rise in millennials drinking wine has translated into several millions in additional revenue for many wine brands that have attempted to market to that age group.

So considering the number of not only millennials, but also older age groups who would take this to events, parties, and on outings, it’s really a no-brainer. And the response they got from the Sharks definitely reflected that.

Daymond did go out because he said the wine industry just isn’t his space, but all the other Sharks were interested. Kevin tried to make a deal with them, however Robert, Lori, and Mark swooped in with a deal that would give them all three Sharks. They offered $200k in exchange for 33.3% of the business. The entrepreneurs tried to counter at 25%, but the Sharks stayed firm and finally they accepted the deal at 33.3%.

And I’m so glad they got that deal. I applaud them for their straight-forward, organized, and professional presentation of a product that is obviously awesome!

And on that note, let’s take a look at the product itself!

I know that I normally go over the business’s social media marketing presence when I do episodes of Shark Tank Reviews, but today for the sake of time I will just cover the product itself. Maybe we can cover their effectiveness on social media in an Update episode later.

Now, when you’re just holding the product, you can already tell by the feel and the weight that it is a sturdy product. It’s not heavy by any means, but ya know...I don’t actually have any wine in it right now...we should fix that!

Ok, I’m back and so that I didn’t potentially spill wine all over my carpet, I decided to fill the glass off camera.

Anyway, I now have about a half bottle of a delightfully cheap Cabernet Sauvignon in this glass, and it’s still not heavy. Like I said before, it definitely feels sturdy, but not too heavy. You could definitely fill up a few of these, have the equivalent of a couple bottles of wine in a bag or cooler, and it would be far more convenient and probably a little lighter than carrying around the bottles themselves.

So now let’s test out this drink through lid. It simply twists up, and I’m going to twist it all the way off so I can show you here, but you definitely don’t have to take it all the way off to drink. But I wanted to show you that by twisting it up a bit, it uncovers these little openings turning it into, as the Sharks said, “an adult sippy cup.”

The other thing I love is that fact that this top is held on with, I believe a silicone or possibly rubber stopper, so you can take it off and there’s no threading or grooving on the glass itself. It just turns into a normal glass that you can drink from.

Now let’s get that top back on before I spill wine all over the place...

Anyway, I am definitely impressed! I know what I will be getting for few people whenever their birthday’s come around. And if you think it looks like an awesome product, there’s a link down in the description so you can buy one for yourself.

But guys, thank you so much for watching! Please, please, please comment down below! I’d love to see your thoughts on Goverre! Don’t forget to like, favorite, subscribe, all that jazz. But until next time, I love you guys and I’ll talk to you later! Bye!

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