Tiny Home Assembled In Just One Day Has A Big Surprise Inside (PHOTOS)

Sometimes a home's exterior can be, well, misleading. And usually that's a bad thing, but sometimes there is an exception. That's the case with the portable home ÁPH80 designed by Spanish architecture firm Ábaton. From the back, the simple construction of a grey cement board gives it the appearance of a garden shed, but step around to the front and you'll see this jewel box of a tiny home in full glory.

According to Ábaton, the house was designed with three things in mind -- wellbeing for its inhabitants, environmental balance and simplicity -- and we think they've hit the nail on the head. Inside the 290-square-foot space which is perfectly comfortable for two, you'll find a living-room/kitchen, a full bathroom and double bedroom. The large expanse of floor-to-ceiling windows and the gabled ceiling, which is eleven feet at its highest, make the small space feel open and airy. The interior walls were left white as a clean and simple backdrop to the most beautifully curated earthy furnishings by Batavia. And most of the materials used for the home can be recycled.

But the coolest part is that after it's been manufactured, this little dwelling can be assembled in just one day and it can be transported almost anywhere.

tiny home

Where can we sign up for one?

Click through the slideshow to see more photos of this stunner:

Project ÁPH80

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