Portland's Cathedral Park Is The Perfect Place To Soak Up Spring

It's springtime and that means everyone's looking for a little green space to soak up some much-needed sun. Why not try Cathedral Park in Portland?

Cathedral Park sits underneath the St. Johns Bridge, which crosses the Willamette River. The bridge's arches and architecture resemble a Gothic cathedral, hence the name of the park.

The park has a rich history and is believed to date back to the days of Lewis and Clark, when the park is said to have been a camp site for the explorers in 1806. The bridge was built in 1931, but the park didn't officially become what it is today until the 1970s, when Howard Galbraith raised $7.5 million to transform the space from junkyard to park.

Today, the park offers riverside meadows where visitors can relax and admire the stunning scenery. Check out photos of Cathedral Park and the St. Johns Bridge below.

cathedral park portland

cathedral park portland

cathedral park portland



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