Several Injured As Antifa, Proud Boys Clash In Downtown Portland

Police say some "milkshakes" hurled in skirmishes included quick-drying cement.

Several people were hurt Saturday in violent clashes in downtown Portland, Oregon, between far-right Proud Boys demonstrators and anti-fascist counter protesters.

Skirmishes erupted as some people had taken to the streets to wave rainbow flags commemorating Pride Month while Proud Boys and members of the #HimToo movement held aloft banners and signs touting President Donald Trump.

Some protesters hurled “vegan” milkshakes while others threw “milkshakes” with water and quick-drying cement, according to local police. Several demonstrators were also throwing eggs and water bottles.

Police said in a statement that “there were multiple assaults reported, as well as projectiles thrown at demonstrators and officers. There were also reports of pepper spray and bear spray being used by people in the crowd.”

Emergency medical technician Jessyca Jones, 29, told ABC News she was protesting the “alt right ― the ones that say they aren’t fascists or Nazis, but have proved themselves otherwise.”

“And I like throwing milkshakes at bigots,” she added.

Hundreds of the opposing protesters began to face off shortly after noon. As violence erupted police declared the gatherings a “civil disturbance,” ordered people to leave and shut down streets.

Police in riot gear used pepper spray to quell clashes. Authorities asked anyone who witnessed assaults — especially those with video of incidents — to come forward.

Among those injured were two police officers who were pepper sprayed, as well as punched in an arm and one struck in the head with a “projectile.” Three civilians were “assaulted with weapons,” though police did not identify the weapons. One victim was conservative journalist Andy Ngo, whose attack was captured here on video:

Police are continuing to investigate the violence. “We are actively investigating these incidents to hold those responsible accountable,” Assistant Police Chief Chris Davis said.

The violence erupted nearly a year to the day after Patriot Prayer and anti-fascist activists clashed in the city, noted Oregon Live. Portland police declared that clash a riot.

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