Portland Jogger Falls On Her Butt In Snow Right After Local News Interview

Like much of the country, Portland, Ore. has been hit by a major snowstorm over the last few days. But that did not stop a couple of joggers from braving the weather to go for a run -- even if it meant wiping out on live television.

Giving the perception that Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein of "Portlandia" may not be much of a stretch from the real thing, a local news reporter encountered a couple running through the streets of the snow-covered city, refusing to let the weather get in the way of their exercise. "It's the perfect texture for running," the woman said of the snow. "Very low impact, and it's dry snow, so your feet don't get wet."

Of course, that's ignoring that ice tends to come with snow -- which the woman found out the hard way. Only seconds after she finished talking to the reporter, she ran away and slipped on the ice. (She appeared to be fine.)

Kids, no matter how tempting it may be, don't go for a run when it's snowing.

UPDATE: This post originally called the woman in question "cocky." We later decided that such a descriptor was simply too strong, despite the funny and cathartic thrill of seeing a jogger struck down by the very ice she had just praised. Also, as a Deadspin interview with the woman pointed out, she doesn't even live in Portland.



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