Police Share Stunning Photo Of A Winter Night's MURDER

...of crows.

It’s no surprise that when Portland, Oregon, police posted a photo of a murder, it went viral ― even if it was a murder of crows.

But really, what would you prefer to look at? Some grisly photo of a homicide, or this gorgeous shot of a murder of crows (that’s the traditional term for a group of crows) sitting atop snowy trees? 

That’s what we thought. 

The photographer was Walker Berg, a criminologist for the department’s forensic evidence division, and his striking image has received overwhelming praise on Facebook.

While the large numbers of crows make for a cool, almost otherworldly photo, some Portland residents view the birds as a nuisance. In the winter, crows flock to downtown Portland in huge numbers before taking off in the spring. That means that for the colder months, part of the city is covered in crow droppings.

This year, Portland has enlisted trained hawks and falcons to help scare the crows from the downtown area.

It’s unclear if the predator plan will work, since crows are notoriously smart. Like, “rivaling chimps” smart.

OK, so maybe we’re a little on Team Crow here. But we do feel bad for the people tasked with cleaning up their poop.



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