This Is What 'Portlandia' Looks Like In Real Life

We all know that the greatness of "Portlandia" lies in the show's unique sense of humor, which thrives on spoofing real-life examples of ridiculous, over-the-top hipster nonsense.

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein's sketch comedy series returns for its fourth season on Thursday, Feb. 26, and we can only expect more hilarious parody skits. To celebrate how much we love their many zany Portland characters, we found some funny examples of "Portlandia" sketches in real life. Isn't it funny when a show imitates real life, and then real life re-appropriates from the show that is making fun of it in the first place? Totally meta.

1. Remember when Fred's Brandan and Carrie's Michelle formed the band Defiance of Anthropomorphic Sea Mammals to make better, cooler music for kids? Not that "Squiggleman" junk.

Guess what? Music for hipster kids exists in real life too, and it's on vinyl!

2. One of the best "Portlandia" sketches ever is the famous "Put A Bird On It."

Why is it such an amazing sketch? Because people really do put birds on things! Such as this car spotted on Oregon Street.

... or this shop.

There's also an app that allows you to put a bird on anything you want.

3. "Portlandia" perfectly captured the stress of trying to find the perfect gift for a friend without hurting your wallet -- but a cool, hand-made, artsy gift of course. The solution? The artisan knot.

Someone thought this would be a great gift for their girlfriend, so they made one. Let's hope she had a sense of humor.

4. Remember the episode when one of Armisen's characters was in a freestyle dance competition in a canoe?

Most people probably thought it was totally random and weird, but as usual, it's based on a real thing. Yes, canoe freestyle dancing is a thing.

5. Something important "Portlandia" taught us was that you can pickle anything. No seriously, anything.

Yep, pickling is a real-life trend and one redditor found this ad in their newspaper.

6. Lance and Nina totally changed the meaning of the cocoa bean when Nina made "cacao" their sex safe word.

Pretty funny that the word they use to mean "stop" is also a street name, with a literal "Stop" sign on it. (Nina would love this street.)

7. This Season 2 sketch poked fun at the existence of all the terrible local art you see in local coffee shops in artsy towns. Gigi and Phil work for "Bad Art, Good Walls," which is pretty self-explanatory.

While "bad" art is technically a matter of opinion, one redditor was reminded of the "Portlandia" sketch while in this famous San Francisco bakery.

Season 4 of "Portlandia" premieres Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. EST on IFC.