'Portlandia' Debuts New MRA Anthem, Because Life Is Hard For White Dudes

"My safe space is Reddit."

What about Tom? What about Dennis?

I miss the simpler times, when men were men and it was all mine.

These are a just a few lines from “Portlandia’s” hilarious new Men’s Rights anthem. 

In the recently released season 7 preview, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein (in drag) ask one very important question ― What about men? ― as their characters bike past the infamous Women & Women First Bookstore.

The two Portland bros discuss their disappointment with recent social movements like Black Lives Matter and growing awareness around issues like campus sexual assault. More than anything, they can’t help but feel left out.

“None of these movements are about us. Where’s our movement?,” asks Armisen.

In true “Portlandia” fashion, an anthem follows, highlighting the ridiculousness of the Men’s Rights movement. Such gems from the clip include: “What about our statue? The Statue of Libert-he!” and “Where’s our Jo of Arc?”

Because, remember, no one has it harder in America than a white dude. 

Watch the full, hilarious video above, and tune into IFC on January 5 for the season premier of “Portlandia.”



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