'Pose' Character Finds Community In New York's Ball Scene

Meet Angel, played by transgender actress Indya Moore.

New York cultures collide in FX’s “Pose,” a new musical series to add to the Ryan Murphy–produced television canon. But “Glee” this is not: The show, which debuts next month, is riding a wave of prerelease buzz for boasting the largest cast of transgender performers as series regulars of any scripted show ever produced. 

HuffPost got an exclusive sneak peek at the series with two clips introducing the character of Angel (played by trans actress Indya Moore). In them, Angel says that among the denizens of Manhattan’s ballroom scene, she finally found a community that embraced her for living her truth. 

“Growing up, I didn’t really fit anywhere,” she says. “A lot of us get rejected for who we are. We want to be loved. We have the same needs. I’m not so different.” 

She adds, “When I’m able to be true to myself in a space where that’s celebrated, that makes me feel beautiful.” 

“Pose” is going a step toward inclusivity that goes beyond its casting too. This week Murphy announced plans to donate all his profits from the 1980s-themed series to queer organizations, particularly trans advocacy groups. 

“Pose” premieres June 3 on FX.  

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