Positive Aging: A dialog with the authors

The Taos Institute, purveyors of the Positive Aging Newsletter, and publishers of three books about aging well, recently hosted a week-long online chat and webinar. The books are 70Candles! Women Thriving in Their 8th Decade, (Giddan & Cole), Retiring But Not Shy: Feminist Psychologists Create Their Post-Careers, (Cole & Gergen, Eds.), and Pathways to Positive Aging: Dog Days with a Bone and Other Essays, (Gergen & Gergen).

Participants from far and wide joined authors, Jane Giddan, Ellen Cole and Mary Gergen, in discussing a range of topics important to those studying, and those experiencing, life in this era of extended longevity.

The 1.5 hour live webinar was videotaped, and is available for viewing, at https://taoslearning.ning.com

We hope after you see it you’ll share with our 70Candles! community, your ideas and reactions to any of the many the themes presented.....Join the conversatiion anytime on our blog at 70candles.com

We look forward to reading your postings.

Jane and Ellen

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