A Simple Way To Bring Positive Energy To Your Relationship

You'll be amazed how your partner responds to you.

We've all met people who seem to radiate good, positive energy. Their happiness fills the room, somehow lifting the spirits of those around them. Relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman says we're all constantly putting out energy -- and by learning to harness it, we can create a positive change in our relationships.

"[Your energy] emanates out and affects everyone around you," Berman tells #OWNSHOW. "And it really affects the person you love the most."

Berman explains that certain emotional states -- like joy, forgiveness, love and optimism -- are considered high frequency. "When you're holding that emotional space, your partner, according to physics, actually comes along with you," she says. "They can't help but respond to you because we're human tuning forks and we're always matching each other's energy, unconsciously."

Because of this, Berman says you can use your body's energy to get the emotional state you crave from your partner.

To try it, Berman says to focus on telling yourself stories that put you in a place of love, forgiveness or optimism -- whatever feeling you want to bring into your relationship. "Even if you have to think about something else other than your partner, just think about something that makes you feel good inside, and then match that with an intention you want in your partner," she says.

By changing your emotional state, Berman says your partner's mood will change as well. "So [if] I'm longing for more romance, I'm going to get myself in an emotional state as if the romance is already happening," she says. "If you are in the room with your partner and you hold that energetic state, you will be amazed by how your partner responds to you."

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