Positively You: Nurturing Life's Longest And Most Potent Love Affair

Positively You: Nurturing Life's Longest And Most Potent Love Affair
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It seems that everyone these days is captivated with taking selfies. From celebrities to politicians, to the figurative girl next door, there's no better way to take control of our own self-image, gleefully expressing "who we really are".

Back in the day, elaborate self-portraits were how we defined who we were in the world, formal endeavors meant to project status and importance.

Today self-portraits have morphed into the casual and often humorous or self-depreciating selfie, but the closest you'll get to Picasso's brush strokes on canvas are maybe a few Photoshop filters and a hash tag on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. even though the reasons why we're driven to take them are still very much the same.

However unlike the digital world that we use to mold our image, in the complex lens through which we see ourselves, life often feels more like a soft, abstract, water color painting--rather than a crisp, digital, high resolution file. We begin with a clear vision of what we'd like and who we'd like to become, but gradually life's experiences take rein of the brush stokes, and often paints an entirely different picture, one as mysterious as Mona Lisa's smile.

And it's not just life's experiences that changes the perception of who we are, but it's those "mental selfies" that we take of ourselves as well. Providing positive praise or casting negative judgment, they're a mental snapshot frozen in time.

Sure, it's easy to feel awesome and invincible when things are going positively great, but the real challenge is learning to love yourself even when you're feeling less than worthy.

Maybe it's a break-up, rejection at work, or far too many extra pounds that you're carrying around in weight. Nurturing and maintaining a positive self-image can be extremely hard at times. It requires that you unconditionally fall in love with yourself, what I call healthy self love, and sow seeds of appreciation for all of the things that make you uniquely "You".

This doesn't translate into not challenging yourself to blossom and grow, but rather it means being gentle and accepting of yourself, having self love, with the understanding that to love yourself is really not about a call to action or about "doing"--even though there are certainly practical loving things that you can do to cherish your worth each day--but rather it's about "feeling" love for yourself. This comes from an entirely different place that's less about the head and more about the heart.

How we feel is directly tied to our emotions, and our emotions guide us to better understand the connection between our deeply held beliefs that are often at the source of our negative judgments of ourselves. When we feel fear, shame, guilt or any other form of being unworthy, we must ask ourselves what are the beliefs that are the root source of these wayward self-abandoning thoughts and feelings. Once identified, work to clear these limiting beliefs and recognize the incredible importance of loving yourself unconditionally.

We must also learn to forgive ourselves, learn from our mistakes and gracefully move forward. This requires a shift in self-perception and to embrace the notion that life's a journey, with each day bringing the potential to learn something new from each person and each experience we encounter.

We are so much more than the sum total of our life experiences.

Modern quantum physics, like the teachings of many Eastern Philosophies, gives us a whole new way to view ourselves and understand our place in the world - as well as our relationships to ourselves, to others and the universe. It tells us that everything is interconnected and that everything is pure consciousness. It helps shed light on the enduring philosophical questions of who are we?, and why are we here?

It's been said by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

And in the physical experience that is all around us, quantum physics has shown that all existence is energy, and energy is inherently vibrational. This applies to human existence as well--and it's our thoughts and emotions that tell us where or how we are vibrating.

When we experience thoughts and emotions that feel good, we are vibrating at a higher frequency, and in the flow of life. This allows us to be patient with ourselves and to let go of fear and urgency, trusting ourselves to pursue our positive passions™ and to love and appreciate ourselves as being perfect and exactly as we should be-- loving our imperfectly perfect self.

It is in this higher frequency that we find the everlasting love that we seek.

Albert Einstein once said, "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

We live in a conscious coherent universe and everything that manifests in our lives is here because it matches the exact vibration of our feelings and thoughts. The outer world is a reflection of the inner, like a mirror, empowering us towards growth and change.

Discover yourself and find out who you really are, and then watch the right things take shape miraculously around you.

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