Our blog, 70candles.com has been active since 2010. Now, as boomers are turning 70 at the rate of 330 each hour, we’re seeing an increase in participatioin from around the world. Women are talking to each other about issues that matter to them as they age, and often, they provide insights and encouragement when they are most needed.

Here's a recent inspirational message, sent to our blog by Mary Hirsch of Boston. While we all face the ups and downs of life and confront ageisn, we believe this note is worth sharing, as it’s positive view reminds that we choose our attitue toward events in our lives, and we have much for which to be grateful as we age. We have taken the liberty of adding highlighting.

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Jane and Ellen

Dearest Noel,

You honor me and I humbly thank you. You have been on my mind, daily (and your horse!) and I’ve been wondering how you are, sending good intentions toward you in my meditations. I KNOW you will prevail; you have what takes, beginning with the HUMILITY to put yourself out there asking for others’ viewpoint. And, to THAT point, this is where I seem to “differ” – to a large extent, from most of my same-age sisters whose points of view I honor and respect: just “differ,” for the most part. I believe in the 1/2 full, Silver-lining way of thinking and, with EVERY challenge ask myself: “What COULD be good about this?” “What can I LEARN?” “How can I make it BETTER?” Always, but ALWAYS POSITIVE. And, THAT is forever the point of view, HUMBLY – and from lots of experience at my almost 72 years of age. OLD? You decide; I’m AGING daily and LOVE IT, no kidding: I LOVE the wisdom, knowledge, confidence; the peace and love I have WITHIN and WITHOUT for others. No judging; just sharing what’s worked for me and others who CHOOSE to be POSITIVE.

It’s this POSITIVITY that keeps me going, despite the many challenges life has brought my way, including life-threatening CHALLENGES that ditto most of our sisters, excluding cancer. I’ve almost died a couple of times with health issues but you won’t hear ME dwelling on that: it’s between my Maker and my doctors. In the meantime, I keep plugging along, DAILY, with excellent nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. I won’t deny that at my FABULOUS age (72 on 8/27), it’s rather an ALONE (sometimes “lonely”) existence in terms of my contemporaries because 95plus% dwell on what’s WRONG; I choose what’s RIGHT, and give thanks. Noel, YOU keep on truckin’ and pick the POSITIVE in everything; only the POSITIVE! Matter of fact, have a heart-to-heart with your horse; he might know something you don’t… but I bet he’d LOVE to have you ride him again if you are up to it and your doctors give you their blessing. For what it’s worth, dear Noel, you have mine; daily. Keep trucking and let us know how you’re doing. Stay POSITIVE!


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