Video Footage Shows Woman Growl, Attack Man On Train

WATCH: Woman Growls, Attacks Man On Train

Well this goes bad in a big hurry.

A video that surfaced recently on comedy website shows a woman on a train go from looking calmly through her purse, to snarling like a demon, to attacking the man sitting next to her.

It's not clear from the footage, which was filmed in Edmonton, Canada, whether the altercation is real or an elaborate stunt. The camera apparently starts rolling just before the woman gets a demonic look on her face and lunges at the fellow passenger. When she tries to walk away, the man confronts her, and a tussle ensues.

“Hey, hey, hey, she’s probably f--king possessed,” says someone off camera, possibly the person filming.

As the two move about the train, throwing punches and kicks, transit security officers hurry in to break up the struggle.

Edmonton Light Rail Transit spokeswoman Cheryl Oxford told The Huffington Post that both the man and the woman were ticketed for the incident.

"Passenger safety is a priority for us, and our Transit Peace Officers were able to intervene quickly and appropriately, and both individuals were removed from the train," Oxford said. "After reviewing all of the information provided, including statements from the two individuals involved in the altercation, they were released and given tickets for fighting in public."

What do you think of this incident? Real or fake? Leave your thoughts in the comments, or tweet us @HuffPostWeird.

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