Post Divorce Equals Spring Cleaning And Renovations

Post Divorce Equals Spring Cleaning And Renovations
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Spring is on the way and with it people start thinking of spring cleaning and renovations. The thought of clearing out the closets and drawers, getting the cobwebs down, or big renovation projects can be invigorating, but don’t just limit that to your home, your wardrobe, or your looks. View post divorce like a good spring cleaning - out with the old and in with the new. Start renovating the inside of you, your attitude, your perspective, your thoughts, and your passions.

Sometimes we put the focus and the energy on things we can see when really the focus and energy needs to be put into what we feel. Working on the things within ourselves that we can’t see will eventually transform into things others and we can see.

Your positive thoughts will create a whole new life for you. Your forgiveness of those that have wronged you will make you look and feel 10 years younger. Your new perspective on life’s situations will cause you not to worry or take things personally, which will make you smile more. Embracing change and realizing that there is a divine plan will let you relax and not focus on worrisome thoughts. Gratefulness for all that you do have instead of complaining about what you do not have will lead down the path of peace. Practicing mindfulness will keep you grounded in the present moment, which allows you to really enjoy life. Embrace all the experiences you have had because they have brought you wisdom.

When life changes, change with it, and when seasons change, put away last season's things and bring out fresh things for the new one. Dust the cobwebs off of friends you have lost touch with and reconnect. Go through the boxes in your mind long ago packed away and find lost passions, dreams, and interests. Clear out people that won’t be coming with you into your new life and discard old beliefs that no longer serve you.

Decide on the renovations you want to make and list them. Then go back down the list and write a detailed description, for example, maybe one thing on your list is 'body'. Under description you could write, "change my hairstyle," "tone my belly," or "grow my nails out." After you do that you can then write the steps that will help you get there and the date you plan on meeting that goal. Perhaps you want to become more spiritual, then one of your goals could be to attend meditation classes or do a retreat. Writing your ’renovations’ down is a sure fire way to get clarity, get organized, and get it accomplished.

As a divorced mom, it is imperative and okay to take time out for you. Don’t let mother’s guilt deter you from doing your renovations and spring cleaning. Just because you are a divorced mom doesn’t mean you have been eliminated from being a ‘woman’. Take care of the one person that is holding the fort down and that would be YOU! If you feel good, you will look good and be a better mom. If it means getting a babysitter so you can take those meditation classes, then do it. Swap nights with a friend so you can have an at home spa day or attend that book club meeting you always wanted to join. Feed your soul with things that bring you joy and make you smile.

Start your renovations now and build a new you from the inside out and, while you are at it, plant some flowers and watch them bloom right along side you! Need some help? Email me at!

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