Post Election, Here We Are

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Melina Meza

I’ll be honest: I didn’t expect this. I was worried, sure, and anxious, but I didn’t really go all the way in my mind. I staved off the potential despair and sadness and fear with a strong dose of denial, swallowed down with a quick swig of “too busy.” But, last night, and today, I went there.

May we all feel permission, for ourselves and others, to feel the wide spectrum of emotions this historical election has delivered. Some people are feeling depressed. Others are happy, truly ecstatic. Some are in shock. Others feel utterly unsurprised – they might feel like the election of Donald Trump is a more tangible, covert experience of what they already knew about our country. It is a wide spectrum of intensity, AND it’s all valid.

Whatever you are feeling, feel it. It’s real. It isn’t who you are, but it’s real. The time will come to problem solve, and to act, but for now, be with what is, even if it is painful. The historical truths of our country have borne many pains, and now we get to sit in them. The discomfort is real, and palpable, and it is part of the process.

And this is where yoga practice comes in. Our practice can be many things, and for now, I hope that your practice can support and soothe you. I hope that your practice can be a place to process whatever feelings you have about the outcomes of this election. I also hope, that as the feelings are assimilated, and we regain our ability to act, that we become laser-like in our commitment to our values, and our country.

Yoga asks us to see the light in ALL beings. May your practice – in your home, in community – help you see that light, build that light, be that light.

The world needs you. But for now, breathe, and feel.

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