Super Mario Bros In Post-It Notes: Paris Office Workers Make War With Art (PHOTOS)

From Marilyn Monroe to Super Mario Bros and Michael Jackson, art made out of Post-It notes has invaded Paris' skyscrapers.

It all began in the Spring when French video game company Ubisoft began the 'war' by preemptively posting a small "space invader" on their window. "Soon after BNP-Paribas bank, which offices face Ubisoft, responded by making another creation, much bigger and more complex," said Benoit Adam from digital communications agency Gustibus and Coloribus in an email to the Huffington Post. "Seeing this, Ubisoft responded again," he added.

Suddenly, the Post-It war took off to the West of Paris, said Adam. There, in the business area known as "La Défense," bankers began to join in, and soon the trend exploded over the windows of businesses across Paris.

By August, Gustibus and Coloribus founded where 1,100 pictures are displayed. So far, the Post-It War Facebook page has clocked almost 30,000 fans.
Check out some of these fabulous shots of Paris' Post-It art.