Post Malone And Seth Meyers Go Day-Drinking And It's Pure Barfly Inspo

The "Circles" singer and "Late Night" host appeared to imbibe a lot, and it got a tad sloppy.

Seth Meyers and Post Malone exchanged declarations of “I love you” in their day-drinking adventure on “Late Night” Tuesday ― a sure sign this boozy bromance was in full bloom. (Watch the video below.)

As long as the host and the “Circles” singer were downing beers, shots, ridiculously named cocktails and Malone’s own brand of rosé for a nationally televised talk show, getting drunk might as well become the mission. It’s entertaining, it’s relatable and it allows for hooch product placement, whether intended or not.

So just watch the two get good and tanked, see them play fake trivia games as an excuse to guzzle more spirits and let Malone not quite impress while drawing tattoos on Meyers’ face.

The segment ends with a “Cheers” chaser ― but you’ll have to watch to find out what it is.

All in all, these drinking buddies are definitely worth a round or two of your attention.

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