Suspect Pesters Post Office To Inquire About Weed Package, Police Get Involved

Pestering Post Office About Your Weed Delivery Doesn't Work

In our experience, postal workers aren't happy about taking phone calls. It turns out they really, really hate it when you pester them about your 10 pounds of weed that got lost in the mail.

Postal workers in Nashville, Tenn. received several calls early this week from a suspect who was impatient about a package, WSMV reports. When they finally found the package, it reeked of marijuana, so they called police.

That's when the dumb bell rang.

Officers were waiting for Terrell Mills, 24, at the post office Tuesday night when he arrived, allegedly to pick up the package. A couple had dropped Mills off and was waiting nearby when police -- and a K-9 unit -- intercepted the box, containing 10 pounds of sealed weed.

Justin Deon Williams, 23, was also arrested after the botched pickup. He allegedly told investigators that he usually gets $100 per pound to pick up packages from the post office, but planned to pay Mills to do it this time for unknown reasons. Williams' girlfriend, 18-year-old Abby Trevino, was arrested along with him. Both were charged with conspiring to possess marijuana for resale.

Mills was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

These stories happen all the time: Suspected dealers or marijuana enthusiasts getting too anxious and making a fateful call. Earlier this month, alleged drug dealers called cops after a teen stole their weed in Ohio.

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