Post Valentine's Day Blues: 3 Traps to Avoid

Valentine's Day, a day for love and romance. Everyone had someone special to spend the day with except for you, right? We sometimes exaggerate how happy everyone in a relationship is when our love life is not on schedule. By "not on schedule" I mean that no man declared his undying love for you by February 14th, 11:59 pm in your time zone. That missed deadline to be in love can trigger the dreaded post Valentine's Day blues.

You must go out and take action now so you can make next year's deadline, right? Well, pump the brakes. The post Valentine's Day blues can steer you off track and further away from being happy with yourself as you are. Here are 3 traps that women must avoid.

1. Avoid the urge to get plastic surgery.

According to a recent poll sponsored by the cosmetic industry in the UK, 78 percent of women hoped for plastic surgery for Valentine's Day. Are you thinking cosmetic surgery will increase your chances of never spending another Valentine's Day single? If you are hoping that plastic surgery will get you a date, just spend your cosmetic surgery money on treating yourself to the best night on the town you can imagine. It will cost less and you will feel great.

2. Avoid rushing into a new empty relationship.

Valentine's Day can come with a pressure to magically produce a mate. Sometimes women (men, too) rush out and manufacture "the perfect relationship" in order to fit in with all of the happy couples who had romantic Valentine's Day dates. First off, you don't know if a couple is happy just because they look nice and went out on a romantic date. Looks can be deceiving and they often are when it comes to couples who look happy. Isn't it better to be happy than to look happy. Well, happiness starts with you.

3. Avoid creating false loneliness.

I ran into three people who were in bad mood because they were "alone" on Valentine's Day. They were in fact not alone. While they did not have a romantic relationship, they did have several fulfilling relationships with family and friends. However, suddenly, those relationships meant nothing because those loving loyal people couldn't be their valentine. Stop it!!! Even married couples struggle with Valentine's Day pressure. When you realize that you are not alone and can appreciate the people who show up in your life on a day to day basis, you are likely to attract a higher quality mate and have a more fulfilling life overall.

So, I am sorry if your Valentine's day sucked. But, it wasn't because of how you look or that you are all alone in the world. It was simply another day. If you truly want romance, you can have it. There is no deadline for that. So, the quicker you get over the Valentine's Day blues, the quicker you can get on with your life and appreciate the joys in your life that are already there.

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