I'm Grateful for Pumpkin Pie, Self-Cleaning Ovens and Whoever/Whatever Put Me Here

Before I presume to draw up my holiday gift wish list, it might be politic to put my Thanksgiving thank yous out there. Here goes. This year I'm grateful for:

  1. Whoever/whatever created me and has thereby made it possible for me to feel the burst of gratitude I'm feeling right now.

  • Friends and family, of xourse.
  • The two cooks in the family, both of whom are not me. (My husband and daughter).
  • Stuffing (who cares about the turkey when there's stuffing to be had?).
  • Pumpkin pie -- dessert and vegetable courses, all rolled up in one.
  • Self-cleaning ovens. This could be 1965, for heaven's sake, and I'd be breathing
  • 2015-11-16-1447650794-9418793-thanksgivingturkeycarvingch580x580.jpg
    Two of the things I'm grateful for: my daughter the cook and the stuffing awaiting me in that turkey. Photo by Barbara Newhall

    oven cleaner fumes the day before T'day, and again the day after.

  • Wrestling with God: Stories of Doubt and Faith. My book is out there at last. And a fellow religion writer, Don Lattin (Distilled Spirits, The Harvard Psychedelic Club), has written the foreword. Thank you, Don. And thank you, Patheos Press, for believing in me.
  • The 71 journalists -- yes, 71 -- who died around the world last year in the line of duty. That includes 3 in Mexico, 4 in Iraq, 4 in Libya, and 15 in Syria.
  • You. Yes, you dear reader. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't get to chatter away every week, happy in the knowledge that somebody, somewhere is taking me seriously.
  • Seconds on pumpkin pie and stuffing. Thirds, if no one is looking.
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