TV Is the Future of Marvel

A few weeks ago, Netflix started streaming another Marvel-Netflix series similar to Daredevil. It features a female superhero named Jessica Jones, who isn't particularly special and hasn't been used by Marvel for many years now. What makes Jessica Jones notable is how different she, and the show, is from Marvel's usual heroes. The big differences lie in the tone of the show and the depth of the villain.

Many people complain that Marvel's, and other superhero-based stories, have very shallow and similar villains. The similarities of The Avengers villains, Loki and Ultron, in terms of their goals, why they're upset, and how their plans get foiled are unfortunately abundant. Meanwhile, there is only one villain in Jessica Jones, Kilgrave. I cannot think of a single person who has argued that by the end of the series they didn't feel connected with him. Kilgrave wastes no time on morals or justification, he merely does whatever he needs to get whatever it is he wants. He isn't made to be outright evil, and the show goes through great lengths to show his intentions and what it is he wants. I'm willing to argue that I believe Kilgrave is a far more interesting and compelling character than Jessica herself, who is the protagonist.

While I do sincerely believe Kilgrave is more fun to watch, Jessica does bring some new traits to the Marvel Universe. Jessica deals with her super powers just as well as any normal person would, which is badly. She's the first Marvel superhero we've seen who is selfish more often than kind, promotes violence as a method to make her job easier, and is dangerously alcoholic to deal with her PTSD. Despite all of this, there is a part of her that struggles with the fact that she does want to help people, which is portrayed beautifully by Krysten Ritter's acting.

Netflix has done an amazing job with both of its Marvel features, I can't think of other villains who are as memorable and real as Wilson Fisk and Kilgrave. Considering how popular these shows are and their gritty nature resembling Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight, I'm beginning to wonder if TV shows are where Marvel should be turning their focus. While many find The Avengers entertaining, it's not particularly memorable. Two hours seems to be an insufficient amount of time to create a villain who can drive a storyline to success. Yes, Marvel has been hinting at the ultimate villain being Thanos for the past two Avengers movies, but who he is and what his goal is are still two completely unanswered questions despite his two movie lead-up. I'm in love with the new Netflix Marvel series, and I truly believe that these shows can, and will, bring Marvel new audiences with still keeping the old ones.