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16 Brilliant Business Minds on Twitter

As we move deeper into this century, many want to know who some of the great business leaders of this millennium will be.
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This is the latest post in our series, Twitter Powerhouses, which focuses on the contributions of people who've helped to expand, influence, and redefine how we view social networking.

Ideas can be powerful, and when they are combined with a strong will and a sense of optimism, they can become extraordinary. Business titans of the early 20th century - like Henry Ford, Hetty Green, and Madame C.J. Walker, to name just a few - understood this truth, and helped to build a powerful foundation upon which future generations have succeeded.

In fact, those who have succeeded in each of the three waves of the world economy, knew how to adapt to change, create opportunities for themselves and others, and how to turn an amazing dream into an economically constructive reality. This is some of what Huffington Post blogger Patricia Handschiegel has documented in her popular "The New Power Girls" series.

As we move deeper into this century, many want to know who some of the great business leaders of this millennium will be: whose work will empower the world, whose thoughts, freely shared in our new media, will be guides for other businesses, and whose legacies will inspire greatness. Each of the 16 people below more than qualify in this regard. They see business as a fascinating area where history and tradition meet new ideas and innovation. Indeed, they are dynamic examples of what is possible on the grand stage of the New Global Economy.

Sharon Hayes /@SharonHayes
A serious go-getter, she is a pro at the art of email
marketing and the selling/brokering of domain names.
Her great mix of entrepreneurial tips and
inspiration is a certified Twitter hit.
Xan Pearson /@xanpearson
She is Director of Corporate Partnerships for the youth
programs of the Chicago Bulls and White Sox. When she's
not putting together sponsorship deals, she consults clients
on the best social media strategies:
Scott Monty/@ScottMonty
As head of social media at Ford Motor Company,
Monty has (with stunning success) formed great
online relationships to promote his company's newer
fleet of greener, more fuel efficient cars.
Amy D. Howell /@HowellMarketing
For over fifteen years, her firm has been
a force in the the Memphis community, and
has partnered and/or worked with nonprofits,
government entities and Fortune 500 companies.
Ken Banks /@kenbanks
Publisher of one of my favorite sites,
Social Net Daily, he understands the
growing intersection of social media and business.
Deborah Weinstein /@DebWeinstein
President of the award-winning Strategic Objectives,
one of Toronto's shining stars. In fact, it is the only PR
firm in Canada to be recognized by the United Nations for
its great work in the PR field.
Sung Lee /@Sung_H_Lee
The head of Business Development and New Media at the
Radio Korea Media Group, his group's World Cup
viewing party was praised by the USATODAY as one of the
Top 20 Moments of the entire games. Very impressive!
Lauriana Zukowski /@LaurianaZ
Co-Founder and corporate visionary at the
excellent TweetMyJOBS, she is a popular
employment expert and observer of trends.
Susan P. Joyce /@JobHuntOrg
The operator of an awesome, award-winning site,
Joyce is also a popular employment expert and
online contributor.
Brett Petersel /@Brett
As head of Business Development, Community
& Events at Mashable, Petersel has been a key part of
that firm's amazing rise to the very top of social media.
Karima-Catherine /@karimacatherine
Respected for her quality over quantity approach,
she has the right type of Je ne sais quoi that is
powering her 3angelsmarketing.
Carrie Wilkerson /@barefoot_exec
A consultant for at home professionals, I came to
understand the importance of guestblogging by
reading The Barefoot Executive, her great business blog.
Steve Rubel /@steverubel
Though known to the world for his posts for
Forbes and AdAge, he is the Sr. Vice-President
and Director of Insights for Edelman Digital.
Christine Gallagher/@ChristineG
She started her first business at age 11. Now,
she teaches small businesses how to raise their profile
(and profits) by using the power of social media. Great insight.
Anne Deeter Gallaher/@AnneDGallaher
Her firm specializes in understanding the
"language of business" to give her clients an edge.
She gets kudos for recommending Dale Carnegie's
How to Win Friends and Influence People.
Dan Schawbel /@DanSchawbel
A partner at Millennial Branding, and
columnist at BusinessWeek,
his massive bestselling Me 2.0 is a great read.

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