David Bowie Bows Out Too Early


The Starman, David Bowie, died at age 69 in Manhattan on January 10, 2016. Young Americans may not be as familiar with his Sound and Vision but his Fame crossed musical genres from glam rock to experimental. Always the Rebel Rebel, Bowie never followed the Fashion of the day but reinvented fashionable out of his unique Sound and Vision.

Adopting diverse personas such as his androgynous alter ego, the Space Oddity Ziggy Stardust, Bowie never felt Under Pressure to play it safe either musically or with All the Young Dudes in his personal life. Embracing Modern Love in all of its manifestations, The Man Who Sold the World on alternatives to the mainstay is and will always remain one of our Heroes.

Not a Rock and Roll Suicide but a victim of liver cancer, he died too soon. So Where Are We Now? Although Bowie didn't live to see his Golden Years, Let's Dance and celebrate his life and the musical memories that he left behind. As the World Falls Down upon hearing the sad news of David Bowie's death, let us do a Magic Dance to keep his spirit alive. Dancing in the Street, Wild is the Wind.

Ashes to Ashes, stardust to stardust. Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes. Rock on, David Bowie. We will miss you.